Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Visit to Bruges

We had been told that if we were going to Belgium then a trip to Bruge would be worthwhile.

Another train trip with changing of trains along the way.  All of which we managed quite successfully both ways.  The trains here seem to run quite efficiently which made travel quite easy.

I wasn't very successful with photos on the day but Bruges was quite pretty and certainly historic with its centuries old buildings.

It was Rick's birthday and as he loves the sun it was good that we were able to find a eating house,where he could sit in the sun
Have a drink or two
And order one of his favourite meals, mussels with hot chips.
My choice of stir fry vegetables with rice was very good fare as well.
It was relatively quiet in Bruge when we arrived even though it was past midday.  By the time we were thinking of returning to Brussels around 4pm the place was really filling up with tourists.  Plenty of things of interest, the historic atmosphere, taking a ride with horse and trap, a canal boat ride or indulgence in anyone of the many Belgian chocolate or lace shops.
We came home with a bit of lace as well as some scrummy chocolate.

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margaret said...

happy birthday to Rick, never eaten mussels but your stir fry looks very tasty. Good to s you bought some lace