Saturday, June 04, 2016

Breakfast time is a good time

Linda and I began hosting Wwoofers in April 2015.

They have been great company and we have enjoyed getting to know young people from quite a few different countries around the world.

We cannot speak highly enough of the Wwoofers.  They have all worked exceptionally hard to maintain our property and our most recent couple, Maxim and Mylene, from France, have tidied our property to see us through the winter.

Cooking breakfast for our Wwoofers has always been a great way to start the day and gives us the opportunity to get to know them better around the table while sharing a meal.

Maxim and Mylene seemed very appreciative of our breakfasts together and especially on our last morning together.

Our thanks to them both for sharing this part of their lives together with us in this way.

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Tired Teacher said...

The program must be a godsend for you and Linda. The before and after photos Linda has posted from time to time illustrate the impact the young people have made in your yard. I love that you have the opportunity to learn about their countries while sharing meals, too.