Saturday, June 25, 2016

This is so London

Setting out yesterday (Thursday) I felt that this image captured elements that so remind me of London.

Victorian style apartments on the right, a Victorian style lamp post on the left and in the background from this modern world, The Shard Building, shrouded in cloud on a grey and damp London morning.

I spent an enjoyable morning exploring in the Borough/Southwark area of London and The Shard seemed to be a landmark no matter where I was.

I wanted to explore Borough Market with all of its fine fare of foods from many parts of the world.  I wandered through at about 9.30am and all was quiet.  It was quite a different story when I went back at lunchtime where I found many people seeking out a lunchtime satisfaction from all the food on offer.

In between times I had a look at Southwark Cathedral which is very close to the markets.  One of the oldest church buildings in England and appearing to be in surprisingly good condition for its age.

Another treat was to happen upon Sir Francis Drake's ship, The Golden Hinde.  It was worth contemplating the amazing feats that were achieved for queen and country in this vessel.


Tired Teacher said...

Thanks for sharing the photos of your adventure.

margaret said...

you certainly are seeing the sights have fun