Monday, June 20, 2016

Anna-Clara's Quilt

Some of you have asked if Anna-Clara's quilt was well received and the answer is, yes, it has been well received.

We have not put it on her bed yet because I am sleeping in there for the duration. 

I asked Anna-Clara if this image was like her mother and so now she tells people that it is.

She also likes the bumble bee in this one.

The other day she found Daddy using the quilt and let him know that it was HER quilt.

I think I can be assured it has been well received.


Sue Gorst said...

Peg you are SO talented. Your grand daughter will treasure this forever and it will evoke such wonderful memories of you.

Tired Teacher said...

I love that she is possessive of this darling quilt. She is going to treasure it.

Ali Honey said...

It's a delightful quilt Peg. I hope she gets many , many years of warmth and pleasure from it.

Jenny said...

Lovely sweet quilt for your little Anna Clara. And doesn't your big boy look sweet cuddled up in it!

margaret said...

there was no doubt she wold love this quilt and Dad looks perfectly at home with it too