Saturday, June 25, 2016

Snapshots from Brussels

Yesterday (Friday) Rick and I arrived in Brussels to do the tourist thing.  I had said to Rick that a trip to Brussels would not be complete without seeing something to do with Tin Tin and there he was to greet us at the train station.

Tin Tin featured a lot in our family life and I enjoyed reading the comic books to my boys.  We had a lot of laughs together over the antics of him and his friends.

Outside the station the taxi industry appears to be alive and well in Brussels.  Lots of customers from all the commuters coming into town on the Eurostar train line.

After settling into our AirBnB we set out to see what Brussels had to offer.  Lots of history, but these pruned trees caught my eye.  They seem to be commonplace in these open areas.

A bit of window shopping.  I have seen and love flatto peaches but never seen flatto nectarines.  I wonder if they will make their way to New Zealand?
Some New Zealand kiwi fruit.
Beautifully presented lamb. Just double the Euro prices to get an indication in New Zealand dollars.

Couldn't come to Brussels without visiting some chocolate shops so more images to come on that subject.


Tired Teacher said...

Great photos - I'd never think to snap photos of food in the markets

I've never heard of Tin Tin: I need to do some research. . .

Sue said...

I always enjoy your blog posts, your quilts and travel. We ate flatto nectarines this last summer, not sure if they were stocked at our local supermarket but we certainly had some in Queenstown while we were on holiday. A smart way to eat juicy fruit with minimum mess!

margaret said...

I saw flat peaches for the first time in the supermarket last week, have a good time in Brussels not been myself glad I do not buy meat there!