Thursday, December 29, 2022

Off to the Theatre

 Another day in London.  Hannah had booked for us to got to a steak restaurant called Flat Iron.  The menu was limited but suitable for our needs.  Instead of bread rolls as starters they served pop corn in enamel mugs and side dishes were served in small enamel dishes. The only thing the children would touch was hot chips but then there were ice cream soft serves at the end so that was good.
 Aaron and Rick had time for a bit of a catch up. Rick is looking the ‘proper’ English gentleman with the cap he is wearing.

We still had time in hand before theatre so Aaron treated the children with a visit to McDonald’s so more feasting for them.
 The reason for the trip to London?  Dad wanted to take the children (and Nana) to see the stage production of Frozen (lady in the background not part of our group).
 All set to go.  It was a great production. They asked the audience not to sing along.  A group of people behind us knew the story well and found it hard not to do so. The audience response for curtain call was so enthusiastic.  A great night was had by all.
The next challenge was getting home - a taxi ride, delayed train trip and another taxi and it is was extremely cold. Getting home at 11.30pm was quite a highlight as far as the children were concerned (Nana was a bit grumpy but never mind, we all a got to sleep in next day.)

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