Monday, October 20, 2008

As we walked through Pier 39 I was aware of the noise of sea lions and as we reached the end of the pier so we came upon crowds of people standing and watching these sea lions.

There was a constant honking noise and the smell had to be ignored but a fascinating sight, nevertheless, as these creatures swarmed over each other and occasionally some jumped into the water for a swim.


Glennis said...

Hi there in Taupo, all those sea lions surprise me. all climbing all over each other, there would be no fish left in that part of the ocean!
Nice to find a fellow Kiwi on these blogs.

crazyquilter said...

Yes, I had not thought about what they do for food, but I am sure they would not be hanging around in droves like that if they did not have a food source from somewhere.

Nice to meet another Kiwi on line this way, although I feel a little removed whilst here in San Francisco.

Will be home again all too soon, though.

What part of NZ are you from?