Thursday, August 29, 2013

Block building to aid stash busting

Following on from the Arkansas Crossing and Split 9 Patch quilt tops I am continuing to make nine patch blocks in my endeavour to bust our stash.

These nine patch blocks are being made from 2.5" squares that have been in my stash for 13 years.

I am following a pattern called Nine Patch Rings published free online by Fons and Porter.

The pattern requires 111 nine patch blocks which means I will be using 999 x 2.5" squares and it actually means I can see a dent in this segment of my stash.

Of the 111 blocks required I only have to make 8 more before I can start putting the blocks together - maybe tomorrow.


Nancy said...

Wow, you really are busting stash!

Thanks for the pattern link: I've bookmarked it.

Vicki said...

That is a LOT of 2.5" squares!! Looking good.