Thursday, August 22, 2013

Scrap harvesting

I have had 2 bins of quilting scraps sitting around waiting for attention for some time now.

A few days ago Linda offered to go through them to see what could be harvested for future quilting projects.

The Go-Cutter came into action and was very useful in bringing the oddments into shape.

A couple of days of winding through the machine and cutting into strips and squares and Linda has finished.  Quite an achievement.

Linda has these tray baskets with different size squares in different trays.

This basket is full of 2.5" squares.  My humble effort was to help trim the 2.5" squares and to colour sort them.

Each stack is probably at least 3" deep.  Quite a few potential quilt projects in this one basket alone.

Linda and I still have squares to colour sort as we watch TV tonight.

It is very satisfying to see the results of Linda's hard work and it will be so nice to have a 'go to' selection of pre-cut fabric squares and strips for when the next quilt project urge arises.


Vicki said...

Oh, so much fun! PRS - projects ready to sew!!

Shay said...

I love seeing little scraps all ready to go. Ive been trawling through my scrap bins lately too but I dont really seem to have made much of a dent!

Nancy J said...

Love that top flamingo colour, and now cut and all ready to go, sorted too. lots of work, I see they are already sewn together. Scraps are too good to leave. Cheers from Jean.

Nancy said...

The GO is the perfect way to get accurate blocks quickly - wish I had one sometimes, as I hate to cut fabric.