Monday, August 26, 2013

Sweet Violets

Today I wandered in the garden in search of chick weeds to give the hens as a treat when I collected the eggs at midday.

We have had some trees removed during the past twelve months and a lot of our grounds have been dug over and cleared.

Surprise, surprise this year we have an abundance of violets growing in many parts of the property.  We haven't seen anything like it in our previous years here.

Their green leaves are lush and these darling little flowers certainly do look very sweet.

Lots of chick weeds growing amongst the fresh spring growth so I was able to present them to the hens when I collected the eggs for the day.  They have now given us over 700 eggs and so a few chick weeds for them seems very worthwhile.


Nancy said...

I bet the hens love the fresh greens.

Shay said...

Violets are my Mum's favourite flowers and for as long as I can recall my Dad has bought her Yardley violets perfume . Your post made me think"I really must plant some violets!"