Saturday, August 31, 2013

The promise of things to come?

One of the enjoyable aspects of our first year here was the wonderful plum crop from our two fruit trees.

Since then the trees have hardly had any fruit at all.

This year we decided we had nothing to lose by giving the trees a severe pruning.  Over the last week or so blossoms have appeared.  Is it the promise of a crop of plums for us this year?  We certainly hope so.

We have an apple, apricot and peach tree planted last year and they also have blossom so we are hoping to be able to collect fruit from them too.


Vicki said...

Around here, all the fruit trees have seen better days and are fading fast. There, you can look with anticipation, to a bountiful spring/summer harvest! Wonderful!!

Nancy said...

Beautiful blossoms. I hope you have an abundant crop of plums.