Saturday, August 17, 2013

Will the real cat please stand up

From time to time I have written about CiCi, the cat who adopted us when we moved to our current home.

She hung around our home and it took a good 12 months to convince her it was safe to come indoors and make herself at home.

At the moment she is blissfully asleep on my lap as I write.

We have often wondered about her background and I always felt sure she must have come from a good home.

This afternoon there was a knock at the door and one of the neighbours from our street was looking for a missing cat and wondered if we knew anything about her.

We spent an interesting time talking to this lady and finding out some of the history of this cat who was originally named Tickles.  She had one litter of kittens before being desexed and her owners still have one of the cats from that litter.

CiCi (aka Tickles) disappeared from their place about 4 years ago, somewhere near the time when we moved to this location. 

It would appear that as well as being well fed by us, CiCi regularly visits another neighbour who feeds her every evening.  She seems to be living well as she rotates the neighbourhood - who know how many other places she may call 'home'.

We are happy for CiCi to go back to her original owners but just not sure how you can convince a cat to do that if she is happy where she is.

I don't think there is any doubt they will try to reclaim her and expect to hear more from them in this regard.


Cherie said...

Well they took their time to come asking didn't they? Their level of care sounds questionable. I'll bet your CiCi stays right where she's treated like a queen :) Lovely story Peggy :)

Nancy said...

Really, it's been 4 years, and they are just looking for her?

I predict that CiCi will return to your home. Obviously, CiCi left their home for a good reason and knew where she would be loved as well as cared for. Be patient, she will return.

Shay said...

I cant believe they're just asking now after 4 years. Sounds to me like she went wandering and they saw her and decided to come see if she was still alive and living it up at your place.

And in all that time she hasnt returned back to their house for a visit? I think Ci Ci knows which side her bread is buttered on!

jan said...

I think CiCi should stay with you. How do you know if they are the real owners or not? They should have been by before now! lock the door! ha!
xo jan