Thursday, August 15, 2013

Spring fever?

We like to have cut flowers around the house but as winter has continued there has been less for us to be picking.

Yesterday I went for a wander in the garden in the early morning to see if there was anything for us and I was pleasantly surprised.

Camelias, lavender, blossoms and more.  It was lovely to linger and hear the bird song as well.

Yes, apparently spring is in the air.

 Must be time for spring fever.  Linda has revamped the kitchen sideboard and it makes a lovely home for fresh flowers.

We talk a lot about the hens in the yard and it would seem they have influenced our life indoors as well.

Lovely happy hens picked up by Linda at garage sales accompanied by the tiny polka dot hens in the centre that I bought in Brazil a couple of years ago.

I don't mind the cold of winter but there is always something special about the sense of spring being in the air.


Nancy said...

Your area must have a fairly mild Winter, as nothing blooms around here during Winter. So glad that Spring is approaching for you, as Fall is slowly moving into Wyoming. I can smell it on the early morning air.

Shay said...

We've had a real mixed bag weather wise this week. Yesterday was lovely and the day before not so much. The first sign of spring here is my cherry tree blossoming and that hasn't happened yet.

Love your floral arrangement. Im hanging out for Spring.