Monday, November 11, 2013

Back to the garden, again

It is nearly two years ago since our Mum passed away.

When arranging her funeral the florist came to our home to see if there might be any suitable flowers for the occasion.

We were surprised at what she found to use.  Mostly it was fox gloves and rhododendrons.  They made a glorious display on the coffin.

A lovely memorial for us as we enjoy these flowers that come back year after year.  Thanks, Mum, for teaching us to appreciate and love flowers just like you did.

Bumble bees doing their business amongst the fox glove flowers always fascinate me even if they are a little hard to capture.


Nancy said...

It is unheard of for a florist here to use local flowers. I can see how having flowers from your own garden would be comforting and provide a perfect tribute. You were blessed to find such a caring florist.

Shay said...

What a lovely personal touch at such a sad time. Ive never heard of that being done before.

I have always admired Foxgloves but have never grown any. Maybe one of these days when my cottage garden becomes a reality!