Monday, November 04, 2013

Time to reveal............

Time to reveal the Secret Project I wrote about on the 19th October.

I made three of these Christmas Present blocks, put a couple of borders around them, Linda quilted them and finished it with some of Susie's Magic Binding.

A close up of some of Linda's lovely stitching and another look at that magic binding.

On Thursday night I shared about the raffle block with our local quilt group and it is on for one and all to make as many (or as few) as they like.

The block is from a free internet pattern called Holiday Cheer.

Today I received a lovely selection of these blocks to go in the mix with all the others.

What potential there could be to make a bright and cheery Christmas quilt from these blocks.


Kate said...

Beautiful, Peggy. Thanks, too, for the links.

Vicki said...

Oh I ever love these blocks. That quilting is to die for!

Shay said...

Very cute Peggy! I made a whole quilt from blocks similar to these last year and they looked fabulous (as do yours!)