Saturday, November 16, 2013

Our changing times

Today my brother and I had a discussion about the way we communicate with each other.

When we were young our Mum encouraged us to write letters.  We never failed to write home if we went away for a holiday and when we left home letters were still an expectation.

Along came the internet and with it e-mails.

I really liked this form of communication - the speed, compared to snail mail, was great.  With it, though, came a more casual air about how we talk to each other.  I used to work under a senior manager who thought it okay to e-mail communications without any form of capitals or punctuation.  I found that very difficult to come to terms with.

That was nothing compared to texting.  If Linda went to town and I remembered we needed something I would text, 'Can you please buy eggs at the supermarket?'  My sons came to visit and were appalled.  Mum you just write, 'Get eggs.' Somehow it did not sit right with me to text like that.

Advance to the world of social media and with it FaceBook and Twitter and it can all become a bit bewildering for someone like me in my sixties.

Never mind, I can be considered to be making good use of 'blogging' - another form of communication in our changing times.


Kate said...

So true, Peggy, we're getting far too casual or should I say 'they' are because I'm like you - must be an age thing. I notice that we get fewer Christmas cards now since so many send e-cards. Ahh, the changing times and not always for the better. :)

Nancy said...

Change is inevitable, but not all change is good. Don't get me wrong, I love technology and the ease of communication, but I also miss snail mail and the personal connection I felt when I received it. The cards (hand-written letters are non-existent) are wonderful to display and read and ponder over and over again. An e-card or email just doesn't have the same personal touch.

barbara woods said...

I am in my 70ties but love it

Shay said...

I totally agree with you about the texting stuff. I just cannot bring myself to text in half words or codes!

I love my email though ....

Mystic Quilter said...

I am another one who misses the old-fashioned letter writing and also agree with you Peggy re the texting - I still use capitals and punctuation, I just can't use these shortened versions of words.

Romes said...
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Romes said...
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Romes said...

Peg that's a lie if I ever heard one!!

You don't text "can you please buy eggs at the supermarket"

your version of a text requesting eggs is something along the lines of:

'is it not so lovely that the sun doth shine and the grass is green, if it troubles ye not, my good sister, can ye please collect eggs from the market of supers? I do not want to be a bother but I would consider such a deed a great blessing. Have a lovely day now my sweet sister'