Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Oh dear, what a surprise!

We have had a couple of very hot days here but there was promise of a southerly and with it, cooler weather.

The southerly was more blustery than usual and we were just serving up our midday meal when we heard a noise which I thought was the sound of a door banging in the wind.

Linda found otherwise - a piece of trellis had been blown off its fixtures, had hit the chicken coup and tipped it over.

What a surprise for our hens!

We went looking for them first and they were happily scratching under one of the trees.  They must have had a bit of shock but they did not seem any worse for wear.

We abandoned our meal for the moment, tidied up and relocated the coop to a more sheltered spot and then coaxed the hens back home with a favourite treat, grains of wheat.

Linda has a different take on the day's event on her blog.


Nancy said...

A big surprise for you and the chooks. I'm relieved that the hens were not harmed.

Shay said...

Poor chooks...what a lot of excitement for them. Glad the girls were OK!

Vicki said...

Glad to hear everyone is OK!

Romes said...

gee peg you're getting fancy now, what with the linking to Linda's blog and all !!!