Sunday, November 17, 2013

Quilt labels

When Linda and I make quilts we usually add a label as a finishing touch.

Sometimes I am asked by others to make quilt labels for them and such was the case this week.

Methods for making quilt labels can be so varied and I have tried a number of different ways over the years.

This past week I had three different labels to print and complete and my latest way of completion is to frame the label with a single layer binding.

Top left - I cut a 1 inch binding strip the length of the outside edge of the label plus 6 inches;
Top right - I sewed the binding on to the label the same as if I was binding a quilt, doing mitred corners as I went;
Bottom left - After pressing I turned the binding to the back and pressed, making sure the corners were pressed neatly.  The binding will have raw edges on the reverse side but this will not matter;
Bottom right - I turned the label over to the front and it is now ready to be hand stitched to the back of the quilt. All the raw edges are now hidden.

I repeated the process for all three labels.

I like to use some of the quilts backing fabric for the binding, if it is available.


Nancy said...

Very nice. I have a program that allows me to create labels with artwork, etc., but I've only used it once. I prefer to handwrite the information.

I like how you framed the label: I must remember to do that next time.

Shay said...

I am really bad at actually putting the labels on my quilts.

Nice to see how others do it. You and I do it very similarly although I havent done a border around mine. Must give that a a try.

Vicki said...

Very nice! Do you add the label before quilting the quilt?