Saturday, November 30, 2013

The gift of friendship

At the moment we are enjoying flowers in our home that have only come our way through the thoughtfulness of friends.

One of our Sweet Pea ladies, Andreena, popped in to see us the other day and brought these lovely roses from her garden.

These alstroemerias are growing in our own garden but only because of another one of our Sweet Pea friends.

Debbie has these in her garden and they grow so well there she feels they could be considered to be weeds.  They seem to have a habit of growing everywhere, even amongst the vegetables.

A couple of years ago she was digging out the bulbous roots and brought a whole lot our way.

They have taken a couple of years to get established at our place and we are now reaping the benefits.  We have a lot of garden area and are happy for them to grow where ever they like.


Nancy said...

Beautiful blooms - they brightened the dreary and overcast day here. Big winter storm with frigid temps are on the way - perfect knitting/quilting weather.

Shay said...

Lovely pops of colour to brighten your home.

Romes said...

gee they are so lovely!