Friday, November 15, 2013

Fresh Interest

We had a gardener come and do a big clearance at our property.

The hens could not wait to investigate and see what pickings there might be in store for them.

Definitely a case of bottoms up for the one in the middle.

Linda captured the hens in action on video.  You can see that here.

When we let the hens out in the afternoon, more often than not, CiCi will be there, quietly watching proceedings.

No, we don't think she fancies her chances for a meal.  It is more like she feels she has a guardianship role in keeping an eye on the hen's activities.

On a quilty note - I finished all 25 blocks for my Urban Nine Patch project today.

I need to attend to a couple of other smaller quilty projects but it should not be long now before the blocks become a quilt top.


Nancy said...

Love the photos and the video of the "girls."

Great job on finishing the blocks.

Romes said...

I bet CiCi is thinking

"I bet they taste nice!"

Shay said...

Way to go on the block finishes!