Thursday, June 30, 2016

A bit of trivia

Sometimes I have heard it argued that toilet tissue should fall from the front of the toilet roll but some say from the back.  I think I found a solution in Brussels.

A rod attached to wall in such a way that the toilet roll is neither near or far away from the wall.

Speaking of falls, I had a bit of a tumble on my last morning in Brussels on a wet and slippery footpath.  Has meant a bit of an oops for me and I have spent a couple of days resting up at Rick and Hannah's flat.  They have looked after me so well.  Fed me with yummy food and made sure I have rested up. Not sure that I have binge watched TV like this in my life.  

I am on the mend so tomorrow will be heading back to Aaron and Marcele's for another week or so with their family.


fabriquefantastique said...

I think this is the first post I have read about toilet paper, Have a great trip

margaret said...

you certainly spit the unusual! Sorry to read about the fall and hope you are now well on the road to recovery, wonder if you had any stitching you could do whilst resting

Rayna said...

Sorry to hear you have had a fall, hope you have recovered. I have enjoyed your travels.

Tired Teacher said...

Yikes, a tumble on a slippery walkway is not good, but I'm glad you had a place to rest and get some wonderful care.