Saturday, April 06, 2013

Fifth cut

memory quilt for a boy

Getting close to completion now on this memory quilt.

Whilst sorting through and making decisions about what parts of garments to use I felt that some of the labels should be incorporated as well.

The large blue and white image had part of the front of t-shirt with the slogan, Mummy's Little Star.  Later I discovered a blue and white label from the garment with stars on it so I decided it was a worthwhile extra detail to add to the block.

Some labels from the inside of garments I have attached within the seam lines when joining blocks together.

Other labels have been added as an extra interest item to existing blocks.

All blocks have been done now and I will be back to reveal the finished blocks pieced together and ready for machine quilting.

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Rielly Family said...

I am really enjoying this little trip! So inspiring.