Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sweet Peas Update

Our Sweet Pea ladies came to join us on a beautiful autumn day here in Taupo.

Much chatter and laughter, as always, and show and tell always provides us with different and inspiring items.

You never know what one of our ladies may come up with next.

Andreena brought along her delightful yo-yo elepant which she has made for her latest grandchild.

She had to make 60 yo-yos for the body part.  I admire her stickability in doing this apart from all the other components of this very cute soft toy.

Linda was very taken with this wee elephant and shared more images on her blog report.

Moira surprised us with her work in progress on this sweet golliwog quilt.

She has added her own touches to make this 'her' quilt.

The colour components are her choice and she has also embroidered names for each of the golliwogs - just another personal touch.

There is more to come.  Embroidered hair and gold earrings.  We look forward to seeing her ongoing additions.

Rochelle shared a modern style wall hanging which is nearly completed.

I very much like the use of very wide ric rac braid as an inner border frame.

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