Friday, April 26, 2013

Quilting between projects

scrappy chevron quilt i spy
We have our sister, Wendy, staying at the moment and yesterday, Linda, Wendy and I spent some happy hours together in our 'quilting studio'.

Wendy has always been an extremely competent machinist and has made many, many garments over the years.  Sewing remains her favourite hobby.

Yesterday she was cutting out lingerie pieces to make underwear for her daughter, Jenny.

Linda was busy at the quilting machine and I wanted to do some sewing that did not require too much thinking about so I started on another scrappy chevron quilt, this time with an 'I Spy' theme.

I have been asked to do a special cot quilt but with all of the activity going on here at the moment I did not think I could give it my due attention so this scrappy chevron fits the bill nicely and it turns out to be a nice scrap buster in the process.

Recently I have written about scrappy chevron quilts quite a bit but it would be remiss of me to assume that anyone would automatically know what I was talking about so here is the link to the original project - In Color Order.

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Nancy said...

You have a fun collection of I Spy fabrics. This is going to be a great quilt for a little one.