Monday, April 15, 2013

Line Dancing is a alive and well

You could be inclined to think, from reading this blog, that all I do is quilt.

However, once a week, our friend, Moira, takes me to a beginners line dancing class.

From time to time line dancing groups get together for socials and we were invited to attend one in Rotorua on Sunday.

The event was to start at 10am and when we arrived, just after 10 everything was happening.  The music was going and the hall was filled with rows of people all happily line dancing.  This would continue almost non stop until 3pm that day.

People had gathered from all over the North Island of New Zealand to celebrate Jeanette Last's 20 years as a line dancing instructor for the Geyserland Line Dancing group.

You could help yourself to tea and coffee during the day and at 12 noon we stopped briefly for lunch - fresh bread rolls for everyone with tables spread with salad fillings of your choice.  Apples and bananas were provided as well.  A simple but effective way of feeding the over 130 people in attendance.

There were people of all shapes, sizes and ages (well almost).  One lady was 95 and still participating.

For whatever reason line dancing is dominated by females but we did see a few men there and one was quite young and a line dance teacher himself.  Perhaps he might be able to encourage other men to join in.

Some were dressed up in the full western regalia, some came in groups wearing the 'uniform' for their group but you could have just as easily worn t-shirt and jeans and fitted in.

All in all a fun day out and so lovely to observe a community of people enjoying themselves in this way.


Nancy said...

There's a group in my community, too, but I've never tried it. It does look like a lot of fun.

jan said...

Good for you! I bet it is really good exercise too. Have fun