Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rising to the challenge

jacobs ladder
When I won my Jacobs Ladder blocks at Taupo Quiltmakers on Thursday night, one of the ladies from our Sweet Peas group was there.

She said to me, "You'll have them all made up by Wednesday."

Wednesday (today) is our Sweet Peas meeting day so what could I do but rise to the challenge.

It did not seem to take too long at all to piece them together and definitely much quicker than if I had had to make all the blocks myself.

I really think that these blocks need an outer border and so another quilt top to add to the work in progress pile for the moment.


Nancy said...

Yes, this is a lovely quilt. An outer border to frame the blocks will be perfect. Nice job!

jan said...

Of course you had to have it pieced today!! And I agree, a border would be perfect!