Monday, April 01, 2013

Third cut

Memory quilt for a boy
Another progress report on the memory quilt.

Amongst all of the clothing I have to chose from, I have found a lot of motifs in varying sizes.

Some, like the lion to the left, are big enough to use as a block on their own.

Memory quilt for a boy
Others are not quite large enough to make into a block by themselves.

In this case I was able to cut a piece of fabric large enough for the block from the back of the lion motif garment.

I placed fusible webbing on the back of the 'little heart breaker' block, pinked the edges and sewed it to the background with invisible thread.

Memory quilt for a boy
I have even smaller motifs which I have also been backing with fusible webbing and pinking the edges.

These are still a work in progress as I play with them across various blocks in the quilt.

Still more work to be done.  I will report back shortly.


Nancy said...

Such fun to watch your progress on this darling quilt.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I love seeing bits and bobs used to make a quilt so very special and personal. Best wishes, Tammy