Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I did it!

I wrote about our German visitor last week.

To make our visitor comfortable it had daily needs, either a good stir or the addition of flour, sugar and water.

I was concerned that I would forget and ruin the process but I did manage to make it to Day 10 so that I could make the Friendship Cake.

Cinnamon and fruit were included in the ingredients and the baking aroma was very tempting.
I put butter on my slice.  Delicious with a cup of coffee.

I think this is where the friendship comes in.  We need friends to help us eat all of this cake.

I used some of the remaining batter to make sour dough bread.

Lovely and crusty and nice with tomatoes and/or cheese.


jan said...

mmmmm.... it looks delicious. I bet the bread was good too. I used to live in San luis Obispo calififornia and they are known for their sourdough bread. I sure do miss it.

Nancy said...

I've always made the bread in a loaf pan - odd that I never thought to bake in a cake pan. Enjoy!

Shay said...

It looks really good! I was wondering whether fruit would make an appearance in this cake.

I could go a slice of that right now for breakfast!