Sunday, August 25, 2013

Split Nine Patch

Yesterday I completed a Split Nine Patch quilt top.

Another larger quilt for me - this one is 72" square so an outside location was appropriate for a photo shoot.

My ongoing challenge when making scrappy quilts is the background fabric that is required.

This one has a blend of light scrappy fabric for the background so had a big appeal for me even though I was running out of cream fabrics to use towards the end.

The scrappy stash busting challenge continues.

I am working on a nine patch quilt using 2.5" squares at the moment.

Linda is also working on a scrappy 4 patch quilt but still our scrap piles are mountainous.

This was not helped when, today, I discovered a basket of quilting scraps that need to be harvested.

We hope one day to see a dent in our stash.


Vicki said...

I absolutely love the scrappy background! This is a gorgeous quilt.

Nancy said...

A great way to use lots of scraps! It makes an attractive block and quilt. Nice job

Marlene said...

Love this block and the quilt. What a great project to use up scraps.

Shay said...

Exactly how many tops have you done now? I feel like Im seeing finishes every few days. You are amazing.

Love this one - the use of different fabrics for the background is pure genius!

jan said...

Love love love this!

Jenny said...

That's a beautiful quilt top. You are doing very well with your stash busting.