Thursday, September 26, 2013

Borrowed landscape

A number of years ago when living in Sydney we had some landscaping done to the property we were living in.

The landscaper said never to disregard the shrubs, trees, etc., that could be seen from adjoining properties but to consider it as borrowed landscape.

At the moment when I stand at our kitchen bench I can look up the front drive and there across the driveway, in the neighbour's front yard, are the most beautiful tulip plants.  They appear to be picture perfect.

This is a 'borrowed landscape' I can just soak up and enjoy each day.  I hope they last a few weeks yet.


Mystic Quilter said...

Never thought of looking at it as borrowed landscape - good idea.

Nancy said...

Lovely tulips!

I will be "borrowing" landscape from my neighbors from now on. ;oD

Shay said...

The way our house is situated we don't have any borrowed landscape.I love the idea though !

Gorgeous tulips.