Friday, September 27, 2013

Fresh Spring Growth

We usually put pansies in the front garden over the winter months but this year we let things be.

The only thing I did was put mulch on garden made up from chicken droppings mixed with pine shavings from their nests as well as clover grass that they mulch for us.

The annuals weathered the winter okay and now we have alyssum, dianthus and verbena in flower.

In addition the marigolds and dahlias from last year have started to sprout again.

The alstromeria is looking lush and green but is yet to bud.

Not pictured but we also have grandmothers bonnet and daisies looking good and ready to go.

We may well have a full garden this summer with relatively little effort on our part.  So much to look forward to.

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Nancy said...

Lovely blossoms - below is a link to what I woke up to this morning. Safe to say, the growing season is over here!