Monday, September 16, 2013

Progress - Nine Plus Four Version 2

Things are moving along nicely on Nine Plus Four Version 2 but in the process I have actually finished using all of my Y2K 2.5" squares.

What to do?

Never mind, tucked away in one of our cupboards Linda had a box of Y2K 2.5" squares waiting to be used.

What a lovely surprise to open this box.  Not only were all the fabrics there but there were still in their original envelopes.

What a treasure trove, opening the envelopes to reveal lovely sets of fabric along with biographies of the senders.

As an added extra, a lot of the participants made friendship squares with signatures and varying forms of artwork.

What a trip down memory lane opening these packages and putting the fabrics to good use.

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Vicki said...

What a fantastic story! This is looking great.