Tuesday, November 05, 2013

A lot of fun

A few weeks ago now, Linda purchased a new long arm quilting machine.

She has been very busy fulfilling orders but yesterday provided a window of opportunity for me to do a bit of free motion quilting on a blank canvas.

What a lot of fun.

Linda has had a few quilting machines over the years and this one had to be absolutely the best.

She is affectionately known as Big Bertha and has won our hearts with her abilities.

My efforts are definitely those of a beginner but my mind is full of all sorts of possibilities.

I hope that Big Bertha and I get to talk to each other again real soon.


Nancy said...

Nice job!

I've never tried machine quilting but do admire and appreciate those who are skilled at it.

Shay said...

You're a natural. That's mighty fine quilting !

Vicki said...

I love what I see! Are you going to show us a picture of Bertha? None of us wants to be reminded of our size. =}