Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Outside my bathroom

Sometimes from my bathroom I can hear happy clucking sounds from our hens.  They love to have a dust bath and between the bushes just outside the bathroom they seem to be able to find enough space to dig, bury and shower themselves with dirt.

You may wonder how we might know they are happy sounds but these hens do have quite a variety of calls.  We certainly know in the afternoons that they would like to be let out for a run.  They can raise quite a chorus of complaint until we come.

We also can tell the sounds of happiness when we enclose a few meaty bits in with their 'cooked' breakfast.  The finding of a meaty piece is highly treasured and celebrated with an excited little peep of triumph followed by frantic efforts to protect the find from the other sisters.

This week we celebrated receiving our 1,000th egg from our four hens.  Hard to believe that since late February we have had this steady contribution to our household food supply.

Thank you, Zara, Clara, Henrietta and Miss Penny.  We do so enjoy having you as part of our family.


Nancy said...

I've enjoyed reading about your "chooks."

A 1,000 eggs! My goodness, I wouldn't know what to do with that many. Did you use all of them?

Shay said...

Your hens are certainly prolific layers! I;d love to have some here but with the rest of our menagerie I suspect it would be bad news for the chooks.