Friday, July 03, 2015

Back tracking, a little

Before Linda and I embarked on this journey we announced to family and friends that we would be taking cabin baggage only.

'Well, that's a brave decision,' said some. Others said that we were being 'very courageous' and that it couldn't be done. 

We talked to Mr Google and found on YouTube that many had gone before and succeeded. 

There were plenty of videos to be watched about the process and so we decided it was for us. 

The first segment of our journey has been completed and so far we are impressed it can be done. So nice not to have lots of heavy luggage or to be waiting at the carousels at the airport.

We can always fall back on checked luggage if need be but at this stage we do not plan to do so. 



margaret said...

amazed that is all you are bringing, maybe it is because you plan to buy so much when you are on your travels? I must admit when I used to have holidays I always took far more than was needed

Tired Teacher said...

I'm impressed! Eager to see more of your trip.

Jenny said...

You can always post any goodies you purchase (fabric, patterns, threads) back home). I'm also interested in how you cope. I pack heaps just for a weekend away in the caravan!

Shay said...

Im one of the people in the seriously impressed camp about this. I went away overnight recently and took cabin baggage (which I didnt manage to fill ) but honestly if I was going to be away for three days that thing would have been bursting. I'd love to see the contents of your case !