Tuesday, July 07, 2015

The down side of travel

You always hope to only have good things to report when you travel but sometimes the bad catches up. 
Our long haul flight from Auckland to Vancouver was a full flight so without room for movement I found myself sitting next to a young woman who had a very bad cold. 
I did hope that I would be immune to any virus she might be carrying but three days later I developed a high fever which was a bit if a knockout. 
I was able sleep off the fever with the help of medication but an unpleasant experience nonetheless. 
Still life goes on and we have been out and about including a trip to a local Farmers Market where we saw these ducks doing whatever ducks do all over world.
Delightful English style cafe at the market was lovely with high tea available but it was such a hot day I opted for a cool refresher. 


Shay said...

Planes are officially one of the worst places to catch lurgy. On the positive side , you've got that over and done so now you can enjoy the rest of your holiday germ free !

Hope you are feeling half human again and enjoying your adventure.

Tired Teacher said...

Sorry to hear that a "bug" found you on your vacation, but glad to hear you're feeling better.

margaret said...

what a bad start to your travels, I know they say planes spread germs so fast as all the air is continually recycled, never mind you are now enjoying wonderful family time and all is well