Saturday, July 11, 2015

Coming back from Yakima

We only stayed overnight in Yakima and then it was back through the Cascade Mountains.  Lots more picture postcard scenery along the way.

One of the unexpected delights was the township of Leavenworth. 

With an excellent backdrop of mountains the town has been totally refurbished in Bavarian style and must be a total winter wonderland during the snow season.

It was more like 100 degrees Fahrenheit when we were there but it was a busy hub nevertheless because of the American summer holidays.

Lots and lots lovely colorful potted flowers and hanging baskets added to the charm of Leavenworth..


Tired Teacher said...

What an adorable town. It would be fun to explore.

Rielly Family said...

This was an exciting photo to see, I recognised Levenworth immediately from our trip! We were there at Christmas which was an event in itself with the 'Turning on the lights' ceremony each night! A lovely spot :-)

Shay said...

What a picturesque town. Im with you in thinking this must be an amazing place to visit in winter, when everything is covered in snow.

Mystic Quilter said...

This is great having both you posts and the ones from Linda. Loved the story on the coffee!