Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bucket list?

If we said we had a 'bucket list' for our trip to the States then you could say we ticked it off by going to The Sisters Quilt Show in Oregon.

The show was due to start at 9am but we planned to get there earlier than that so we could park relatively close by and walk to the centre of town.

When we got there they were still hanging quilts.  All very well organized and a troop of volunteers were  busy getting the show on the road.

Although the surrounding countryside was very dry the weather was not too hot making it very pleasant to walk around and look at the quilts.  I understand that there was a total of 1300 quilts hanging on the day and although we did not see them all we were well satisfied with what we did see.

Modern style quilting was alive and well at Sisters.  Not all of it pleases me but I did see a lot of modern quilts that were worth close inspection.

Lots of very bright colored quilts.

This image shows all the quilts that were hung on one of the outside walls of the town's only quilt shop, The Stitching Post.

I liked this quilt not so much for its craftsmanship but because it depicted what was typical of Sisters and the surrounding area, ranches, mountains, snow, canyons, wildlife and quilting.  We had it all and if we had a bucket list it would have got the big tick.


Jenny said...

How exciting - I'm sure you both had a great day!!!

margaret said...

so good to see the quilts can imagine what a great day you both had

Tired Teacher said...

There's something magical about the Sisters' quilt show and seeing so many beautiful quilts displayed outdoors.

Shay said...

Im with Tired Teacher. Ive been seeing posts about this wonderful quilt show all around the place and I wish I could have seen it in person. What an amazing way to display quilts and promote the town.