Thursday, July 09, 2015

Vashon Island

Following on from our 4th July celebrations, the next day we went out for the day to visit Vashon Island.

Isn't this hanging basket just beautiful?  Just one of many we have seen since arriving in Seattle, all full of the wonderful colours of summer.

Vashon Island was a lovely place to visit, nestled in Puget Sound it is just a twenty minute ferry ride from downtown Seattle and you can take your car too.  How convenient is that?

We were able to get a snapshot of life on the island, stopping at the local shops, which didn't open until 12 noon, and then a bit of a drive around the island before another ferry trip back to the mainland.

One of the unexpected surprises of our visit to the island was a local quilt store, the Island Quilter.
Because of its location on an island I had expected it to be a relatively small shop, nothing of the sort.

The shop has just relocated and even though they had not unpacked all their fabrics there was no shortage as you can see her.  A stash collectors heaven but I am able to report I did not buy any.  Wouldn't want to be bursting out of my suitcase now, would I?

Vashon Island, will I ever return?  I would like to think I might be able to, but if not, it will always remain a happy memory from this visit.


Shay said...

Vashon Island looks utterly charming. A real highlight of your trip no doubt!

Jenny said...

Oh my goodness - look at all that fabric!!

margaret said...

sounds a lovely place to visit, and all tat wonderful fabric to see too