Friday, July 24, 2015

First Encounter

Good bye, Canada, hello England.

After an extended time in a very long Customs queue, Linda and I then had to get from Terminal 2 and had to make it to Terminal 4 to meet up with family.  This seemed to take forever.  Just as well we were able to find a cappuccino to fortify us.  We were a bit foot sore and weary by the time we hopped into a car to go to our apartment which is to be our home for the next eleven days.

My eldest son, Aaron, was waiting for an appropriate moment to bring his daughter, Anna-Clara to visit with us.  At first she was very shy and only wanted to be with Daddy.

Then we got talking and she found a space on the floor and started twirling around in a world of her own.  

It didn't seem long until she found a spot to sit between her Uncle Ricky and Great Aunty Linda to settle down and have a chat.

It seems that meeting your overseas relatives for the first time is not so daunting after all.


margaret said...

how wonderful to meet your granddaughter for the first time, enjoy the precious time with her, they grow up so fast but are a delight when this age

Shay said...

Your granddaughter is an absolute cutie. How exciting to meet her for the first time.

Tired Teacher said...

I know you will make the most of your short 11day visit, and I predict she won't want to let you go.