Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Another repeat for us

Last year we went to the Victoria and Albert Museum not knowing quite what to expect.

There is so much to see there, this year Linda did some research and found there was an exhibition celebrating Mary Quant.

Being teenagers of the 60’s this really struck a chord with us and we were not disappointed.

Although I very much liked her revolutionary fashion designs when they happened, I really gained a fresh appreciation through seeing what was on display.

Not only did she have new and fresh designs her attention to detail was pretty amazing.

Often she worked with wool and stretch fabrics, which are not necessarily the easiest of textiles to work with.

Bold stripes were a feature in many of her designs making sure that all seams were perfectly matched.  Top stitching and zips were also design features, again, perfect in detail.

Anyone for matador pyjamas?

Quite a few people commented on how comfortable her clothes were to wear and that they became favourites in their wardrobe.

I wasn’t sure about these, but they do look good.

All in all a well worth going to exhibition.

We have been so pleased with all the good things we have been able to see on this trip.

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Tired Teacher said...

Dropped waist dresses and pleated skirts will always bring the 60s to mind.