Sunday, September 01, 2019

Anyone for a taxi?

Our stay in Bridlington was memorable for a number of reasons.

We walked a substantial few kilometres that day (12 kilometres in fact), one of the reasons being we could not find a taxi to take us to our required destinations.

Additionally, on that particular day, we did not seem to be able to get any internet connection which did not help.

A young lady from the information centre directed us to a local taxi company where we would be able to book a taxi.

When we arrived we were not sure if we were in the taxi office in Coronation Street, or maybe one of the many the police had to attend for enquiries in the police drama The Bill.

The lady who ran the office was in her 80’s and kept an old fashioned hand written ledger - no modern technology at this office.  One of the drivers told us she had worked for them for 40 years.

Nevertheless she did order a taxi for us and before we left Bridlington we had used the services of this company quite a few times.

Regarding the world of Uber taxis, virtually unheard of on the Yorkshire Coast.  When we asked, the word Uber seemed to be totally foreign.

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