Wednesday, September 11, 2019

What would Mr Selfridge think?

Linda and I enjoy discovering new things on our travels but we also love going back to the old when we have happy memories of particular locations.

London will always is a favourite for us and we like going back to Oxford Street to see what the shops look like and what changes have happened since we were last there.

An interesting shop to go to Primark and watch the shoppers buying up like there is no tomorrow.

We have seen it before but it still happens - customers buying so many items that they have to buy a suitcase as well to take home all of their purchases.

We like to have a look at what is happening at Selfridges too.

Selfridges opened in the late Edwardian era and I am not sure what Mr Selfridge would think of the very latest adornings for their window settings.

The ‘mannequins’ appear to be dressed in a multitude of garments that have been folded into a variety of shapes.

Not quite my cup of tea.

The mish mash of bright colours would appear to be what might be the next change in fashion - either that or murky browns for the coming winter.

Really, what would Mr Selfridge think of this?

I don’t think he would be at all pleased.

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Tired Teacher said...

Well, I think the "displays" are atrocious, and I'm sure Mr. Selfridge would definitely not be pleased.