Friday, September 13, 2019

Once more for Kaffe Fassett

When we were at the American Museum in Bath we enjoyed the textile exhibition by Kaffe Fassett.

Whilst the focus was quilts he also had other textile items for sale.

These buttoned beanies caught my eye.

I used to have quite a button collection myself so I did find this concept very appealing.

At GBP275.00 each they were somewhat out of my price bracket but I did appreciate the amount of work that went into creating each one.

I can only imagine what size button collection would be needed to give them their individuality.

On to Chelsea, London and amazingly another Kaffe Fassett exhibition (on a much smaller scale), was being prepared at shop called Anthropologie on Kings Road.

More of these amazing buttoned beanies on display along with other textile items.

Some needlepoint as well included in his array of textile skills.

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Tired Teacher said...

My mother's button box provided hours of enjoyment: I sorted them over and over. I have my own collection now but not enough variety to create one of these delightful beanies. Do people save buttons anymore?