Saturday, September 21, 2019

So Many Places

Suddenly our time in England is coming to an end.

We have been to so many places, some were repeats, some were new but all so good.

The weather has been amazing.  Apart from buying ponchos for one day we have not had to worry about wet weather.

During our stay in Haywards Heath, Richard asked if we would like to go to Sheffield Park, a National Trust property.

One of the features is the water reflecting the trees in the grounds.

A well established area, beautifully looked after, with some trees well over 100 years old.

Thursday was our last visit to a place of interest.

Arundel Castle is a significant and well kept dwelling, clearly seen on the horizon as you approach the town of Arundel by train.

Well worth walking through the grounds and inside the castle.

We had the opportunity to go to the keep but when they told us it would be 130 steps we declined.

Our outings have meant quite a bit of walking, often 8 kilometres or more in any one day and we have enjoyed the challenge.

When we embarked on this journey we were talking about ‘if’ we come back but now we know it is ‘when’ we come back - there is a wedding to attend next June, so plans will have to be made.

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Tired Teacher said...

I've enjoyed tagging along on your trip.