Monday, April 22, 2013

Glynn's 80th birthday

Yesterday a group of family and friends gathered at our place to celebrate my brother-in-law, Glynn's birthday.

Today is actually his birthday but because he was born on the stroke of midnight it could also be considered that his birthday is also tomorrow so over the years he has made the most of the celebrations.

The gold insignia on the cake is the coat of arms for the North Staffordshire Army Regiment where Glynn served until he was taken ill with tuberculosis.

That Glynn has lived to the grand age of 80 is pretty amazing considering he lost a lung to tuberculosis in his twenties and has since had life threatening issues with his heart.

I have often talked about my sister, Linda but Glynn is the third member of our household.  We all get along really well and hope that he will remain with us for quite a few more birthday yet.

Happy birthday Glynn, whatever the day it falls on.


Marcele White said...

Im so glad for this beautiful party you and aunty Linda prepared for him. Im sure he loved it, because all things made with love make one heart happy.

Happy birthday for Glynn!

jan said...

Happy Birthday Glynn! I think he DESERVES two day birthdays!!
Hope he has many many more!!

FredaB said...

I am glad to read that he has a place with you. that doesn't happen too often anymore.

It is the good care you are giving him that makes him so well.