Monday, April 29, 2013

Room with a view

This morning I went out at about 7.30am to give our hens their breakfast.

Only two of them were on the ground.  The other two, Penny and Zara were in the nests.

Most unusual for this time of day.

I gave the hens their breakfast and Penny quickly appeared but Zara sat on the next making unhappy sounds that the rest of the family was getting breakfast while she had to be about her business.

I took their ramp out to clean and as I put it back Zara emerged from the nest and when I checked the nests we already had two nice warm brown eggs for the day.  Most unusual for them to be laying their eggs so early in the morning.

As I completed my tasks I looked up and over the hen house and was so taken in by the view of the Waikato River on such a nice, clear autumn day. 

I think if I was a hen and had a room with a view like this I might be inclined to lay my eggs early too!


Nancy said...

Indeed, it is a lovely view.

jan said...

I am jealous of your hens! lol!

notjustpolish said...
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notjustpolish said...

Well said!! I only wish I could have some chickens...just two would be so nice...but not allowed where I live :( Im jealous!!

Anne Payne said...

That is a gorgeous view! I might sit there all day :)