Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A visit from a blogger

The advent of internet communication has brought with it opportunities to meet with people we might otherwise never know.

Recently I wrote about making hexagon shaped mug rugs and Jenny left a comment about them.

We had an ensuing conversation and Jenny mentioned that she and her husband, Robin, would be in Taupo during the Taupo Symposium and I suggested they would be most welcome to visit.

This they did yesterday.  Just a quick visit but we covered quite a bit in that time and Jenny wrote about this on her blog.

You may like to read about us from a different perspective at Romany Quilter.

Thanks for visiting, Jenny.  We did enjoy meeting you and your husband.


Jenny said...

Thanks very much for inviting us, it was lovely to meet you both too. Now, when did you take that sneaky photo? Is that my best side?

Shay said...

It's always exciting to meet bloggy friends. Glad you three had a fun time.