Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Taupo Symposium - a bit more

The Taupo Symposium finished today.

I am sharing just a few of the images from quilts we saw yesterday.

This circular piece was quilt of the show.

Extremely intricate piecing impressed the judges enough to award the prize for this masterpiece.

This miniature quilt was a blue ribbon winner in its category.

Named 'Ken's Flower Garden' the piecing of these tiny, tiny hexagons had to be seen to be believed.

My personal favourite of the whole show.

Not quite sure what caught my eye about this one but I do love the amazing piecing.

The placement of the starry objects brings an unusual depth to the whole quilt.

These fantasy flowers I found very appealing.  It wasn't until I edited the image for publishing on my blog that I saw the cats, birds, butterfly and insects.  Makes me feel pleased I captured the image.

Linda has also written about the Symposium yesterday and today and has shared a different viewpoint which you may like to check out.


Sharon said...

Hello! I popped over from Linda's blog. Such beautiful quilts! It is amazing the talent of those who made these quilts!

Nancy said...

Beautiful quilts - the piecing is too much for my skill level, but I do love to see the intricate work.

Shay said...

That hexie quilt is stunning...

I love the fantasy quilt too...I wonder if I'll ever be creative enough to do something like that.