Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It's not all about making quilt tops

 It has been lovely to make all the quilt tops that have been happening in the past few weeks.

However, there are other considerations:-
  1. Making decisions about fabric for the back of the quilt;
  2. Preparing the binding;
  3. What batting might be used.
Many years ago I was given some autumn theme fabric and I had always thought I would like to incorporate it into my heart quilt.  It is possible I have had this autumn fabric in my stash for 15 years.

Having made the decision to sew my heart blocks together without using any other fabric it looked like my autumn fabric would be left out.
 In the end I have decided to use it to make magic binding for my heart quilt.

The little bit of autumn colours showing through will reflect nicely against the autumn theme of most of the blocks.

Still more of the fabric left and so I have combined it with some cream fabric for the back.

We have wool batting in hand and a double layer of that will make it a very cosy quilt for my bed.


Shay said...

Wow - that heart quilt is really coming along if you're making binding choices! Well done.

Vicki said...

Sounds so dreamy! Am looking forward to seeing the finished heart quilt.